4 Popular Misconceptions About Oriental Rugs

Antique oriental and Persian rugs are loved by millions of people around the world. Despite the popularity and widespread appeal, there are several misconceptions about Oriental rugs that a lot of people seem to believe. Buyers who fall for these myths end up purchasing the wrong product and waste money in the process. In order to buy the right product, know these myths and facts associated with handmade oriental rugs.

Myth 1: Older Rugs are Always the Most Expensive

Antique oriental rugs are usually pricier than the others, however age isn't the only factor that determines their cost. Not all older oriental rugs are expensive than the newer and similar ones. There are several other factors, alongside age, that are considered to decide a rug’s value. These factors include the rug condition, type, size, rarity of the design, and more. The actual value or price of these oriental rugs is the combination of the said factors.

Myth 2: Most of the Oriental Rugs Sold Today are Machine Made

Absolutely not. Several reputable suppliers around the world still source authentic, hand knotted rugs from expert artisans. Certain countries, such as Iran, still handweave rugs using natural materials, the same way they are being made for thousands of years. Oriental rugs are carefully handcrafted by the experts and it does take some time and effort to do so. This certainly adds more value to them.

Myth 3: You Should Buy Oriental Rugs Only with a High Knot Count

Even though high knot count in handmade oriental rugs is a good thing, this shouldn't be the only factor you should take into account when looking to buy one. Granted, rugs with a high knot count will make them look richer and more vibrant. However, that is only one of the many factors indicating the quality of the rug.

You should also look into the rug condition, design, and other important elements before finalising your purchase. Sometimes, you would notice that oriental rugs with a lower knot count are pricier, and that’s purely because of the superior design or better condition of the rugs.

Myth 4: Oriental Rugs with Flaws are not Worth Buying

Ironically, what makes handmade rugs online appealing is their imperfections. Some of the flaws you see on oriental rugs is the result of the weaving process. Rug enthusiasts are no stranger to this trait. A common imperfection you will notice is abrash, which refers to the variations of a colour throughout the rug. This happens when weavers apply the dye in small batches.

Get the assistance of a good seller when you shop for handmade carpets online. Pay careful attention to every element of the oriental rug, and make sure that they are worth the investment.