4 Factors that Impact the Value of Authentic Persian Rugs

Authentic or handmade Persian rugs have become a true depiction of luxury, wealth, and quality. People who purchase handmade oriental or Persian rugs online Australia are already aware that they hold so much value, but not all of them know what it is that makes these products so worthy in the market. In order to understand the true value of authentic Persian rugs, take a look at these four factors that influence their cost.

The Manufacturing Process:

There are two different types of Persian rugs available to purchase – Handmade and machine-made rugs. If you are shopping for rugs for the first time, you would have noticed that the former costs more than the latter. Handmade rugs are highly recommended, since expert craftsmen invest so much of their time and effort into handcrafting these gorgeous rugs the traditional way. Some rugs would even take more than a year to complete.

To ensure you are buying actual handmade Persian rugs online Australia, you should look into some of the important aspects such as knot counts and type of dye used.

Where were the Rugs made:

Another factor that determines the cost is the country where the rugs are made. Genuine Persian rugs originate from Persia, which is modern day Iran. Several towns within this country specialise in the manufacture of high quality, handmade Persian rugs that are quite popular worldwide. Different areas adopt their individual style, while also ensuring that the rugs they make is worth your investment.

When were the Rugs Made:

Just like how items in the art world hold so much value based on their age, handmade Persian rugs are very valuable in the same way. Be wary of fraudsters out there who try to deceive unsuspecting customers by making a rug look older than it is. Besides the age, usability will also be taken into account when you are about to buy Persian rugs. A rug that is nearly 50 years old but in good condition will hold more value than the one that is torn or damaged.

What are the Rugs Made of:

The material that goes into the making of these rugs also counts towards the overall value of the rugs. Authentic Persian rugs handwoven with pure silk are typically pricier than the others. Wool is yet another common material used in the manufacture of Persian rugs, and they are durable as well. It goes without saying that natural silk and soft, unprocessed wool will only be used to make handmade Persian rugs.

Always deal with a reputable supplier who offers the best quality, handmade Persian rug sale at reasonable prices. Do a thorough research about the seller before approaching them to purchase a rug. When you are about to make a significant investment, you must be a little careful about it. Handmade Persian rugs will be worth every penny, and you have to see it to believe it!