4 Excellent Tips To Prevent Rug Slippage on Carpet

Do you adore your rug and carpet combination but can't figure out how to keep your rug from moving on your carpet? Whether you’ve purchased a new Turkish rug online, or it's the old living room rug that has been in your house for years, you must know that rugs tend to slip, slide, and bunch, which is not only inconvenient but also a tripping hazard. From non-slip mats to carpet tape, we've compiled our best tips for keeping your rugs from sliding on the carpet.

How to Prevent Rug Slippage on Carpet

What causes rugs to move on the carpet? When you put a rug, runner, or mat on a carpet, you may notice it slowly creeping across the floor. This is due to the rug's movement following the pile movement of the carpet. Because the pile leans to one side, any rug placed on top of the carpet will move in the same direction over time. Naturally, constantly repositioning your perfectly-placed rug can be aggravating, but our guide on how to keep rugs from moving on the carpet should provide you with solutions to your rug woes.

1. It Should Be Supported By Furniture.

Using furniture as an anchor with large area rugs is a great way to keep your rug from sliding on your carpet, not only from a practical standpoint but also from a design standpoint. Using rugs on top of the carpet can be a contentious issue in the interior design world, but we believe that layering rugs and carpets with strategically placed furniture can be a match made in heaven – if done correctly. 

2. Use A Non-Slip Rug Pad.

Non-slip underlays are one of the most effective ways to keep your rug from sliding or bunching on the carpet; this method allows you to secure your rug without damaging your existing carpet or floors. Furthermore, if you've already purchased your dream rug and simply want to secure it in place, a rug non-slip underlay mat is the quickest and easiest way to do so. You'll be relieved to know that you can buy these as stand-alone items in a variety of sizes. Non-slip underlays can also be trimmed to fit your rug perfectly. The mat is then placed on your carpet, and the rug sits securely on top.

3. Make Use Of Double-Sided Rug Tape.

Using double-sided carpet tape to keep your area rug from creeping and wrinkling on the carpet is a simple and inexpensive solution. All you have to do is place the tape directly on the back of your rug and press it down. The tape will adhere to both the area rug and the carpet, preventing slipping.

Make sure to buy carpet-specific double-sided tape, as some rug tapes are designed to be used on hard flooring and may damage your carpet. Carpet tape is designed for use on carpets and will not damage or leave a residue on your rug or carpet.

4. Select Rugs With A Non-Slip Rubber Backing.

If you haven't yet purchased an area rug, why not look for an anti-slip rug with a non-slip rubber back? Notably, this type of rug is widely available on the market and comes in a variety of sizes, styles, and shapes. The extra grip is provided by a latex gel backing, which works well on both hard floors and carpets.

Your non-slip rubber backing's effectiveness will be determined by the type and thickness of your current carpet and underlay. If you have a new, high pile carpet, you may need to add extra non-slip measures such as double-sided tape or anchoring your rug with furniture to keep it secure.

To Wrap Up:

These tips will help you avoid slippage. You can visit our blog section to learn more about rugs. Also, if you’re looking for the best collection of Turkish rugs in Australia, Rugs Online has them available for you at the best prices.