3 Tips To Choose The Smart Rug For Your Living Spaces

Rugs play an important role if you seek to give a touch of class to your home. Once you have decorated the different rooms in your home, the next step is to complete that decoration with attractive accessories. With beautiful rugs and attention-grabbing accessories, you will give a smart look to your rooms. In addition to regular, extended carpets, you can also choose area rugs for the living room, as they provide you with comfort, warmth, and decorative interest (colour, pattern, texture, etc.). In short, an option for this complement that makes a difference is the ‘rugs.’ How to know which one to choose? Today we share some tips.

Tips For Choosing The Smart Rugs For Your Living Spaces

    1. The Place You Choose To Lay The Rug

The first point to consider is the ‘place’ where you will lay the rug. Depending on the room area and dimensions will be the style and size of the rug. A good idea is to benefit from the rug to differentiate environments in the same space, such as the living and dining rooms. If you prefer to have a rug for each room, pay attention because there are some suggested measures for each.

  • Dining Room: Laying a rug in the dining room is based on the dining table's surface. For example, if the table is 90 x 180 centimetres long, you must look for a 270 x 370 centimetres rug.

  • Living Room: At a minimum, the front legs of all furniture in the seating area should be on the carpet. Ideally, the rear legs should also be on the table, helping to unify the space.

  • Bedroom: The best rule to consider is that rugs are under the bed. The recommendation is that you can see between 90 and 120 centimetres of exposed rugs on all three sides of the bed.     

     2. Material

You have many options you can choose from. You may also find some that work better for each living space:

  • Raw Wool: This material of the rug is great for hiding dirt. In black or grey, you can opt for geometric prints (lines, circles, ellipses, triangles, rectangles, and polygons). This way, you can give your living spaces an unconventional and sophisticated touch.

  • Jute and Sisal: They are more resistant and available in light shades. They will help visually expand the space. In this way, they will look bigger and brighter.

  • Wool: It is the most suitable for living spaces with high or moderate traffic, usually living rooms, dressing rooms, and bedrooms.

  • Cotton: It can be perfect for spaces with little traffic like the bathroom. This material is highly resistant to high temperatures known for good insulation.

  • Bamboo: This material is ideal to have a touch of warmth, comfort, and resistance. Rugs with this material can go very well in living rooms, bedrooms, and dressing rooms with a rustic and traditional style.

  • Silk and Viscose: They help to brighten the spaces. Most people prefer this material for their bedrooms.

     3. Style

Talking about the pattern and style of the rug is more of a question of balance. If the table in the room is round, opt for a circular model, and if it is elongated, the best is a rectangular model.

Choose an eye-catching area rug if the entrance is simple and decorated in a neutral colour palette. They can act as artwork for the floor. 

An area rug can be perfect for small corners if you do not find what to add to decorate. For the bedroom, the recommendation is an elegant Persian print.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have paid strict attention to the given tips that will help you choose the smart rugs for your living spaces. You simply need to focus on the place where you will lay the rug, material, and style you want according to the area. If you're going to decorate your living spaces with stylish rugs, you can find the beautiful living room rugs in Australia by contacting Rugs Online. We are here with a wide range of rugs for you. Choose us and decorate your spaces by spending less!