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Rugs Online is dedicated to bringing culture into every home. We provide handmade rugs in Australia that are rich in history, art and story; reflecting the origins and thoughts of it’s weaver. 

Handmade rugs are an intricate craft. Many owners aren’t aware of how much thought goes into every stitch. The fact that all handmade rugs take at least 6 months to make has become a huge deterrent to the next generation of potential rug weavers. Fewer people across the different tribes and ethnicities are following in the tradition of creating hand-woven rugs from scratch. This practice is expected to journey to extinction in the next 15 - 20 years, making us the last generation to witness its beauty. Buy Rugs Online Now!

We are committed to supporting this tradition for as long as possible through ethical, sustainable practices ― treasuring each rug like the art piece that it is.


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The First Handmade Rug

The beginning

There's no information on when the first handmade rug was crafted, but research suggests it was created in Central Asia, 16th Century. The locals wanted to develop something that would protect them from winter and improve their home aesthetics. The rug was hung on their door to prevent frosty breezes bur also placed it on their floor for a place to sit and rest. As the locals were shepherds, they had access to wool to create these large rugs. The oldest of looms were made of two wooden ribs secured to the ground and warp fastened between them, a tradition which is still followed in manufacturing handmade rugs around the globe.


The first Rug

The oldest carpet found is named the Pazyryk-carpet or the Gorny-Altai carpet discovered in 1947 at an excavation in Siberia. The carpet is 183 X 200 cm. When the rug was discovered, it was frozen in a block of ice, which is why it was well preserved. The rugs, back then were made of higher knots than most of the rugs today and have inspired most of the hand knotted rug designs today.
The Pazyryk rug is one of the oldest carpets in the world, dating around 5th c. BC, now in the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.

It is an un-priceable, highly valuable rug.

A new Beginning

Rugs Online

Our family rug store began in this year, making us a siginifact player in the industry for almost 3 decades. Rugs Online ® has come a long way from its beginnings in Sydney, Australia. When we first started out, our passion for handmade rugs drove us to start our own business, with the key vision of ethically sourcing and producing these rugs.

We ensure the sustainability of our process by maintaining close relationships with rug artisans & designers. These partnerships have allowed us to spread the word about this undervalued craft and show just how beautiful each art piece is.

A dying Industry

No more Weavers

Although handmade rugs have been an integral part of many cultures, the long standing history of the hand knotted rugs is under threat of extinction. The tribal rugs produced in villages is deeply deprived of any new, young weaving talent. With this projection, handmade carpets are expected to stop production in 15 years or sooner.

This industry remained highly unregulated for quite some time, which is what pushed the youger generations of these tribes to venture out and pursue other occupations which were more fruitful. With a purchase of a rug, all the middle men received hefty percentages, leaving next to nothing for the rug artists. As such, we will be the last generation to watch how this exquisit art form of handmade rugs is conducted.

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Thought Pieces

Handmade Rugs Online In Australia

Beautiful Handmade Beautiful Rugs In Australia

Some things in our lives are better made by hand, and it is absolutely the case with beautiful handmade rugs. Every space is unique, and an eye-catching rug seamlessly merges with the existing look of your space. Rugs are used to decorate the space, resulting in people's comfort. Although you can find beautiful rugs in Australia, Rugs Online brings you meticulously woven rugs to give your space a luxurious look. We are your reliable e-shop for warm handmade rugs.

Reasons For Choosing Rugs Online In Australia

Rugs Online has been designing beautiful rugs and carpets that our creative craftsmen make by hand for the last three decades. We invite you to buy rugs online in Australia by preferring our one-stop shop at affordable prices. You can find the most fabulous collection of all kinds of rugs we have for your space. Whether you like most modern designs or want living room rugs with traditional styles, you can find everything under one roof. In addition to this, we have vintage rugs, transitional rugs, and tribal rugs for you. So, decorate your spaces with our elegant rugs!

Handmade living room, bedroom rug, and dining room rugs crafted by us are the ultimate source to bring a creative transformation to your commercial and residential spaces. With our rugs and carpets, you will add a sense of style, comfort, and luxury.

We craft rugs and carpets precisely in a variety of unique designs and styles. You can recreate any look you want for your residential or commercial space with our beautifully designed rugs that match all types of interiors.

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We have all for you, whether modern or traditional, tribal, shags, Kashan rugs, Persian rugs, and other floor rugs. We have a wide collection with unique designs and styles if you are intensely looking for stunning handmade rugs. We’ve worked hard and been working to offer fine-looking rugs. Therefore, we have become the most preferred online shop, and increasingly more people choose us to buy rugs online in Australia.

Rugs Online is the perfect place for buying rugs online. Our ultimate motive and goal is to offer you superior quality rugs and carpets.

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Make your purchase with absolute confidence by preferring Rugs Online. If you want to buy rugs and carpets online in Australia, no one is better than Rugs Online. We work as a community with the belief in the value of customer service. We pay strict attention to this aspect of the business to deliver you seamless service and product on time at your doorstep. We always ensure that our valued clients always have a positive buying experience. We make sure of this by responding to their queries quickly and consistently. Here, you don’t have to wait for long for our response. We guide you online and make everything easy to enable you to choose your preferred rugs.

Usually, when you buy handmade rugs online, you may be confused about the actual product, whether you are receiving an exact rug that you have seen online. We know this key aspect very well and have formulated a “simple returns” policy for you. When you buy handmade rugs online in Australia with our online store, we give you a concrete money-back guarantee of 120 days. How’s that!

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Why should I buy handmade rugs instead of the commercial ones?

Handmade rugs reflect humanity's various cultures and histories. Since these are hand woven, it means that you are supporting the small livelihood and source of income of rug weavers. On top of that, purchasing handmade rugs means that we are giving a chance to alleviate the potential extinction of rug weavers from various tribes and ethnicities around the world.

Why should I buy rugs from Rugs Online?

Rugs Online is one of the leading handwoven AU rugs online sellers. We offer an extensive range of colours, styles and sizes. Our rugs for sale online are from various origins such as Persian, Afghan, Turkish and Oriental. When you purchase any of our available rugs, you help us empower rug weavers. Through this, we are able to help them move out from poverty and have a better future for their families.

What are the different types of rugs that you offer?

You name it, we have it. Whether it is for the living room, hallway, kids, outdoor, kitchen, bedroom or dining room, Rugs Online have various styles of rugs to suit your home. We also offer various sizes such as the hallway runners, oversized ones, round rugs, large and small rugs. Buy rugs online from us and you won't be disappointed. The materials used are of high quality, making the rugs last for a long time.

Do you offer a warranty?

Definitely yes. We take pride in the quality of products that we offer. As a proof of this, we offer a 120 days trial period with money-back guarantee for all our rugs. ON top of that our team will be happy to help you in case you want a refund after the trail period as our rugs comes with 10 year warranty.

In case we have problems with the product, what is the best time for us to reach out to you?

Rugs Online prioritises customer satisfaction. With this, we have round-the-clock customer service staff to help you after you purchased an item. To sweeten the deal, We offer 120 days trial period.

How long does the delivery of the item normally take?

Our online store is not limited to Sydney as we have different distribution facilities or warehouses from around the world. This allowed us to deliver rugs to your homes in as early as two weeks.

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